resolution blog sex with emilyWe’re on the eve of a brand new decade. It’s about to be 2020, and while contemplating my fresh resolutions, sex is at the front of my mind. 

This year, I’m making a point to do things differently in my bedroom and in my sex life. I want to walk into 2020 unafraid and ready to challenge myself sexually and romantically. 

These are my New Year’s Sex-o-lutions.


1. Prioritize Sex

Life gets busy. Chasing ambitions and creating a career gets in the way of pursuing pleasantries like good sex. Throw in all the time consuming components of “adulting” and I’d be lucky to get a quickie in every now and again. This year, I’m making the resolution to move sex to the top of my to-do list. If this means I have to schedule it, I will. But one way or another, I’ll make sex important again. 


2. Ask For What I Want

Sometimes a little fantasy will creep its way into my head. I’ll see something on TV or in a movie, or maybe hear a lyric in a song, and it’ll give me a sexy idea of something I can try in the bedroom. But then when I get in bed with my partner, it stays put…in my head. This year, another resolution is to voice these little wants I have. I’m going to ask to live them out. After all, I can’t imagine my partner would say no. 


3. Take It Outside The Bedroom

This resolution is all about location, location, location. For years, sex has only happened on the actual bed. Well, maybe a couple times in the shower, but for 2020, that’s not enough variety for me. I have an entire apartment with surfaces and corners that beg for sex! I will do it in the kitchen while making dinner. I’ll do it in the living room in the middle of the day. Heck, if I can manage I might even try it on the back patio (in reasonable obscurity, of course).


4. Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby

I’m in a long term relationship. As many people in LTRs can attest to, sex sometimes falls by the wayside as the years roll by. This year, another resolution I’m making is to keep sex in the conversation. I’m done with leaving feelings and desires unsaid. It’s fun to talk about sex! I used to do it all the time. And in 2020, sex is making a comeback in my vernacular.


Taking risks and challenging yourself is always an important facet to personal growth. The new year is just another great opportunity to push yourself towards this growth. We make a resolution because it’s a nice clean point in the calendar to start a new good habit or do something good for yourself. 

What are your New Year’s Sex-o-lutions? We’d love to hear them! Email us at


Laurie Magers is a comedy writer and actor living in Los Angeles. Her favorite color is red and her favorite food is crab legs. Check out more from her at

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