party blog sex with emilyNew Years Eve is a time of renewal, reflection, and getting litty as hell with your closest friends. 

It’s one of the biggest partying events of the year, which means that it’s also one of the biggest nights for petty crime.

Whether you’re going to a rave, a house party, or just getting a glass of champagne to ring in the new year at your local bar, we’ve got some advice to keep you safe and start the new year right.

Celebrate with friends

One of our biggest pieces of advice is that safety in numbers is not only a good idea, it’s fun! Plan ahead and hang out with a group of friends. It’ll help you save on ride shares, drinks, and it’ll keep the party going for ages after the ball drops. It’ll also make you less likely to become the target of anyone wishing to do you harm on the last day of the year.


Don’t Drink and Drive

This is probably the most important rule of having a safe New Year’s Eve. Regardless of the myriad of reasons why you shouldn’t Drink and Drive (public safety, getting your license suspended, getting arrested, etc.)

It’s also one of the biggest nights of the year for police road blocks. Check the alcohol limits in your area, and plan accordingly. You don’t want to ring in the new year with a ticket, or god forbid, an accident.


Don’t Leave Your Car Overnight

New Years day is the second most active day of the year for car theft! It’s highly recommended you plan a ride in advance and avoid leaving your car overnight. If you absolutely have to leave it, make sure it’s locked and try to pick it up as early as possible the next morning. Instead of driving: plan to take take a ride share, designate a sober driver in the group of friends that you’re going out with, or have a sleepover. Your car window will thank you later.


Use Protection

Champagne can get to your head and cause you make some bad decisions. Don’t let sex without protection be one of them. Before the ball drops, be proactive and make sure you have protection with you. Whoever you hook up with on New Years, know that it’s not worth the weeks of waiting on a pregnancy or STI test. Bring condoms in a clutch, take your birth control and take care of yourself, my friend!


Charge your phone

The party doesn’t stop at midnight and neither should your phone! Get a good charge on your phone before you leave the house or bring a portable battery with you.

You’re going to need that smartphone when you call a ride share later for you and your crush. 


Be Wary of Roofies

Roofies aren’t just for made for TV movies about the perils of partying, they are alive and well and possibly at your local bar. Keep an eye on your drink, don’t accept a drink you didn’t see being poured and when in doubt just throw it out! Downing that last shot of tequila you left on the bar while you were dancing just isn’t worth the risk.


Eat before you leave the house

Drinking on an empty stomach is never a good idea. Don’t risk the chips and dip being out by the time you hit the party. Fill up before you go out and your hangover will thank you in the morning.

Or, bring a snack in that clutch, right next to the condoms! Being drunk and without a snack is a fate I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy.


Keep Your Drinking Under Control

No one wants to be the girl ringing in the New Year hunched over a toilet. Not to sound like a PSA, but knowing your limits and staying within them is always a good idea. If you have trouble moderating on big nights out, try deciding beforehand exactly how many drinks you’re going to have. Also: if you’re at a house party, keep those pours to a reasonable level.

There’s a reason why a glass of wine in a bar is 6 ounces: you want to keep your drinks at the recommended serving size so you can keep track of how many you’ve had. Remember: it’s a marathon, not a sprint! The alcohol doesn’t disappear at midnight. 



No one wants to wake up on New Years day to a blazing hangover. Hydrating is your best defence against having the mid morning spins at your New Years day Brunch. Having a glass of water between drinks is a great idea. Get a glass of seltzer with lime if you want to have something a little cuter. Your body will thank you in the morning!


Don’t Use Fireworks When You’re Drunk

I can’t believe I’m typing this, but whoever needs to hear this, please: Don’t. Use. Fireworks. When. You’re. Drunk. Or in general if they’re illegal where you live. It’s not worth the risk to you and your party guests. Grab a pair of sparklers and call it a night.


Whether you’re going to a tiny soiree or reenacting the movie 200 Cigarettes, New Years Eve always feels like a monumental event. Have all the fun in the world but just remember to stay safe. You’re going to need that fabulous body intact for the year ahead. 




Tessa Skara is a writer and comedian. She is bravely bicoastal. She loves all things queer, including, but not limited to sex. Follow her on Instagram @tessafuckinskara.

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